How to Open a UBA Account Online

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UBA (United Bank for Africa) online account opening process requires a computer with internet connection and a valid email address that will be used for verification once the process starts. This Nigerian bank with the slogan Africa’s Global bank encourages its customers or intended customers to contact them via...

Things to Avoid in Order to Save Money

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Saving for rainy days is a vital component of every adult’s life and as we grow older the need for saving becomes greater because we reach stages in our lives where we need to dip our hands into our savings so as to cross to the next stage (marriage or owning your own house) or quench a fire...

Can Money Buy Happiness?

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The pathway to continual bliss/happiness lies on how we think or perceive of it, so we’ve heard. But in reality, that is, in the real world I ask Can Money Buy Happiness? As different individuals we’re prone to have different opinions on issues such as this, and as the writer of this article I’m also entitled to...

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